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Point Of Sale

What Exactly is POS?

Point Of Sale (POS)

Depending on your business needs, our installer will be given the option of administrator, terminal or administrator and terminal installation. It is advisable to have administrator rights on the main POS terminal.

Our technician will take care of the transferring basic information, entering your license code and linking the POS database to the software provider, contact the hardware to the business computer, peripherals including scanner, printer and cash drawer will be connected via the available USB ports.

Access to features of your POS machine will now be available enabling your business to process credit card payments.
We offer basic systems that can help you manage small business more efficiently or a complex bundle that places ultimate managerial convenience and power at your fingertips. At Cisco Fire & Security Systems, we give you the ability to choose the system you need.
We aim to help you find the perfect POS system for your trade contracting business.

Customer Information

Setting Up

A POS network can be a powerful information gathering tool when it comes to your customers. It allows you to know who is buying what, therefore you can target your marketing towards the appropriate customers.

When setting up the POS network you will need to give some consideration to how you want to categorize your customers. You will need a unique identifier for each customer; cell phones are often good way of doing this.

Then you will need to consider what information you need about your customer.

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point of sale,POS,Access Control,sale point,restaurant,display,retail,supermarket,ipad,software,quickbooks,android,pos system,tablet,

Employee Access

All POS systems include some limitation as to what users can do on the network. You will need to decide what level of access and functionality you are going to give to your clerks.

What Payment Types will you Accept?

Most POS systems will allow customers the basic payment options of check, cash and credit card. Some will also let you have payment options for gift cards or run loyalty card programs.

Payment methods are constantly evolving so you may also want to look into accepting contactless payments and Google Wallet.

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