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Fire Alarm Systems Commercial and Residential

Fire Alarm

Early detection of fire and smoke is critical to protecting your business. We ensure that our clients get the best design, installation, service, integration, and technical support available for their fire alarm systems. We provide solutions such as area of refuge, fire alarm, and mass notification systems.

It is equally critical that the type of fire alarm system designed is best suited for the environment that it is protecting to prevent false alarms or premature component failure as a result of an unsuitable system application.

Alarm System

We proudly represent a complete line of high-quality manufacturers of addressable and conventional fire alarm systems, as well as air sampling, gas, carbon monoxide, and video alarm detection systems. Our fire alarm system team is factory trained in commercial, industrial, retail and residential applications and can tailor a system to meet your specific needs.

We sell, design, install, engineer, and service all types of Fire Alarm and Life Safety systems

Fire Alarm and Life Safety systems

We offer complete fire system inspections
All systems are guaranteed to meet or exceed your local fire codes requirements, and are Fire Marshall Approved Systems

Intercom Repair NYC Company provides all components, control panel, horn strobes, pull stations, smoke detectors, Carbon Monoxide (CO) Detectors, gas detectors and more.

Competetive Prices on Installation, Parts, and Monitoring Contracts. We service and support all major brands, including but not limited to Firelite, Edwards, Simplex, Silent Knight, Ademco, Honeywell, System Sensor, First Alert, Notifier and more…

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fire alarm box,Fire Alarm Systems,fire alarm,wiring,diagram,addressable,conventional,control Panel,smoke detector,

Fire Alarm System

Our Fire Alarm Systems promptly notify central stations of a fire or other life safety hazard in the earliest stages. The bottom line is high quality protection for the soundest peace of mind for you and your premises.

We offer the following detection systems in a variety of configurations. Many can be easily integrated with other building systems for masterful control.


Automatic Fire Alarm: Uses fixed temperature or rate-of-rise temperature devices to detect fire within seconds of its inception

Sprinkler Waterflow Alarm: Detects the flow of water when a sprinkler system is activated

Sprinkler Supervisory Service: Monitors the conditions of various functions of a sprinkler system including low water pressure, temperature, gate valve positions, and fire pump(s)

Smoke Detection: activates upon the first invisible or visible products of combustion or smoke accumulation

Industrial Building Supervision: Includes monitoring of functions such as boiler failure, abnormal increase or decrease of temperature and flood control of the domestic water supply

Fire Alarm Reporting Life Safety and Evacuation Systems: designed to meet all building codes.

Installation Services

Because our knowledgeable employees take the time to understand that installing a fire alarm system is complicated, our installation services provide a full range of support for a complete experience, which includes:

Design and budgeting services to ensure that your unique system needs are met
Expediting services to complete applications and documents, obtain permits and gain approval so that your system is up and running as quickly as possible

Providing final connections, programming and final test-in-place to ensure system functionality.

Identifying and coordinating all requirements for a letter of completion or certificate of occupancy
Whether you need a new system installation, an addition or an update to your existing fire alarm, we have the experience and knowledge to design and install a system for your unique needs.

You can depend on us to install a reliable, compliant fire alarm system and to provide maintenance, testing, inspection and monitoring to keep your system running smoothly in the future.

Fire Alarm Systems,fire alarm,wiring,diagram,addressable,conventional,control Panel,smoke detector,


We know that you pay attention to the details of running your business and you expect the same from your employees and business partners. Our fire system installers are experienced technicians. We have the knowledge needed to carefully plan your installation, ensuring that everything is installed properly and completely. Your peace of mind is assured because we check and test every system before it’s completed. Responsive, our employees are dedicated to providing an installation experience that results in a stable, reliable and approved system.

Fire Alarm Systems,fire alarm,wiring,diagram,addressable,conventional,control Panel,smoke detector,

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