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What Exactly is Card Reader? Do I really need it?

Security Card

Using cards for security access to your business is a very common way to control and track access to sensitive areas. This security solution can often be an inexpensive way to protect your business and employees. Buying the right system for you and your business requires a little knowledge on the subject, however. Here are a few points to be familiar with before you start shopping for access card business security systems.

Do You Need Business Security Access Card

A security access card will offer restricted access to a building by transferring encoded data from the security card to the access control panel, like:

  1. Employee name
  2. Employee ID number
  3. Employee access level

A security access smart card can be used in any type of business model, although it is most familiarly employed by the US government in the military, National Guard, and reserves. A security smart card will include the personal information listed above, as well as rank, pay grade, affiliation, agency, expiration date, and federal identification number for government use.

Security Card Reader

Types of security cards

The most common type of security access card is the proximity card. These cards need only be held near a sensor pad to be read and typically work through clothes and wallets, making them easier to use than some other card types.

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A proximity card may be categorized as:

Active: Also called a vicinity card and powered with an internal lithium battery, active proximity cards can be used for security clearance at up to 500 feet.
Passive: The most popular proximity card choice is the passive card. Passive cards are powered by radio frequency signals with a limited range. These are not good choices for parking garages or other vehicle related solutions as the card must be held close to card reader for access.
Magnetic stripe cards are another, inexpensive option. These cards need to be swiped directly through sensors, causing more wear and tear on both the card and the reader. When the cards wear down, they stop working. So while this is a less expensive choice up front, there are some ongoing expenses related to upkeep of the swipe cards themselves.

For even higher security, cards can be custom-printed with employee photos to allow a security guard to check that people are using the correct card for security access.

However, this doesn’t help if you don’t have the security staff to do the checking. In fact, leaving cards completely blank is often more secure: If a lost access card is found on its own, it won’t have any information that someone could against you.

Smart Card Readers

Smart card readers are suitable for both indoor and outdoor installations and offer high durability and reliability. Smart cards are thin enough to be wallet-friendly yet durable enough to last.
Biometric (fingerprint) access control systems can scan and approve a fingerprint image immediately. The reader transmits the image, typically to a server, where it is compared against a database of stored fingerprints.

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Biometric Fingerprint Reader

Use biometric fingerprint reader to restrict access to high security restricted locations, or for time and attendance management. Scan thousands of fingerprints and record tens of thousand of entries. You can easily edit, add or delete users and provide the right level of security, at the exact places needed.

Keypad Systems

If a more conventional approach to door access is what you are in the market for, consider a keypad door access system. Keypad systems allow you to enter with just a few simple pushes of a button.

Choose from push-button or illuminated touchscreen digital display keypads. For indoor or outdoor use, keypad door access controllers are tamper and weather resistant. Assign a temporary code to who ever needs one and delete when necessary. Automatic timing features allow you to program access at certain times and even multiple locations.

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