Camera System

Installation of the best quality CCTV equipment available

CCTV Installation

We are providing quality CCTV security camera system installation and support to business, government, and educational clients in New York.

Specializes in the design, supply, and installation of all types of CCTV systems for residential, commercial, and industrial, regardless the size. We have the expertise and experience to install the appropriate CCTV system for you particular needs; single or multiple, indoor or outdoor, covert or overt, remote viewing or local.

Sell. Design. Install.

– User-friendly Enterprise Video Management Software (VMS)
– Integration with most security cameras
– Migrations from legacy analog Cameras to IP, keeping and integrating your existing analog cameras
– High quality megapixel IP CCTV cameras at a very reasonable price
– Multi-site integrated video security deployments
– Knowledgeable, and friendly CCTV technicians and system designers

We sell, design, install, and service all types of Video Surveillance Systems (Analog and IP) with excellent installation and support service.

Surveillance Camera

With our custom designed HD video surveillance systems you can monitor your home or business through mobile and desktop internet applications.

We offer:

  1. Highly visible surveillance systems which serve as a great deterrence to theft, vandalism, and other crime
  2. Covert, hidden camera systems, to catch dishonest people in the act discreetly
  3. The highest quality night vision and low light systems available today, dusk to dawn cameras, infrared cameras, and infrared illuminators.
  4. Multi Position Power Supplies, Individual Fused Inputs, Pan Tilt Zoom Cameras, Vari-Focal Cameras, Fixed Lens Cameras, and Vandal Proof/Vandal Resistant Cameras
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DVR Recorders,dvr,

Digital Video Recorder (DVR)

Our cameras can be viewed remotely through your local internet connection to provide you peace of mind, wherever you may be.
You can even store your video off site in real time, so even if your Digital Video Recorder (DVR) is stolen, the evidence will be preserved for the authorities, we offer mobile video recorders, remote view video surveillance systems, or CCTV systems.

Intercom Repair NYC Company support all major brands including Honeywell, Speco, Hikvision, Pro Video, Pelco, DigiMerge, Everfocus, Silent Witness, Axis, Digital Watchdog, G.E., Kalatel, and many others.

At Intercom Repair NYC and Security to learn more about our security, we would like to answer any questions you have.

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